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WebAdvisor, Moodle or ACCess email password issues
Last Updated 2 years ago

Are you trying to access your ACCess email account using
If so, please enter your full email address.

If you are using Alamance Community College’s website to access your email, please answer the questions listed below.

1. Does your password have AT LEAST 8 characters and NO MORE than 12 characters?
2. Does your password have six ALPHA characters?
3. Does your password have at least one upper case letter?
4. Does your password have at least one lower case letter?
5. Does your password have at least two numeric digits?

PLEASE NOTE: Your password cannot contain a previously used password, username, first name or last name.

If you have answered NO to any of the questions listed above, please reset your password. Your password will need to meet all password requirements listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: This will change the password for all accounts: ACCess email, Moodle and WebAdvisor.

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